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We love plans! Business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans, the works. Need to impress your funders? Or just yourself? We can tell you where you should be going, when you need to get there, and how you're going to do it. Our plans are straight-talking and action-based but with enough solid research to reassure even the sternest of bank managers. We'll given you timed plans with specific objectives and measurable outcomes. We know the market forces and trends that could take your business to the next level or cause you major problems. So wherever you're going next, we can help you build a defensive and sustainable strategy for the future.

There's no point trying to sell anything unless you've done your homework. Don't like homework? Well let us do it for you. We're swots and we love market research. Not sure if you need primary or secondary market research? Not to worry, we can work that out for you too. We're your secret weapon against the competition. We'll find out what they're up to, what they're charging, and how you can compete.


Research, reports and the rest!


Got a marketing emergency? Need a lead or senior product manager, project manager or delivery manager on a contract or interim basis? We can do that. Or we can provide an instant marketing manager on a day rate or hourly rate to manage your budget, keep your suppliers on board or just keep producing material for your sales team while yours is off sick. We can hit the ground running and help you fill a marketing hole at short notice. We've delivered fast results and acted as a lead or senior marketing manager, product manager, and project manager for a host of blue chips and smaller companies.


Business plans, marketing plans and more



We    marketing

Tell us what you need

We do a proposal & quote

You say yes

We deliver

Go on! We won't bite. We might laugh. But with you, never at you.


Don't know what you need? Then let us help. We love marketing. And business plans. And customers. And we know what makes them buy stuff.

And oh, do we deliver! Read our testimonials below to see what the world has to say about our marketing and business plans. They like us. You will too.

We'll give you a proposal and a fixed price. Or an estimate based on day rate consulting. We do either. Or both.


We can do full service - design, write, and print or publish to social media. Or we can just make you look clever at meetings.


That's the easy bit. We're the fairy godmothers of marketing. And we've come to take away your marketing and business planning pain.


You'll need to tell us a bit about your business and your customers. But if you don't know, we'll work that out too.


Heart black small







Interim product, project & delivery management

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