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"Louise was a pleasure to work with. Her can-do attitude and unwavering customer focus made her highly effective under pressure, as both a leader and a team player."


Robert Klopsch, Deutsche Telekom

"I've employed Louise on several marketing and business planning projects, to do a range of work from copywriting to market research to strategic plans. I've been delighted with her work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a top quality marketing consultant at good rates."


Simon Warren Thomas, Warren Thomas Surveyors


"Very skillful and professional. A great person to work with."


Bruno Ax, NTT Data Group


"Louise breathed new life into the BNI Connect project. She was able to quickly comprehend the scope and dimension of this complex, multi-national project, and provide considered guidance and clear direction. In addition, she used her considerable interpersonal skills to establish a professional and cooperative relationship with each member of the project team. The result was a happy and productive business unit.


Louise is an intelligent, compassionate and driven leader. I strongly recommend her to any organization seeking a talented, motivated lead."


John Lisle, Outback Solutions


We    marketing

Tell us what you need

We do a proposal & quote

You say yes

We deliver

Go on! We won't bite. We might laugh. But with you, never at you.


Don't know what you need? Then let us help. We love marketing. And business plans. And customers. And we know what makes them buy stuff.

And oh, do we deliver! Read our testimonials below to see what the world has to say about our marketing and business plans. They like us. You will too.

We'll give you a proposal and a fixed price. Or an estimate based on day rate consulting. We do either. Or both.


We can do full service - design, write, and print or publish to social media. Or we can just make you look clever at meetings.


That's the easy bit. We're the fairy godmothers of marketing. And we've come to take away your marketing and business planning pain.


You'll need to tell us a bit about your business and your customers. But if you don't know, we'll work that out too.


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Need help with your marketing, or with a business plan, marketing plan, or strategic plan? Looking for an interim or contract senior product manager, delivery manager or project manager? Well, you've come to the right place. We've provided contract senior product and delivery manager services and marketing and business plan help to a host of blue chip clients including the Home Office, the National Trust, the NHS, O2, Deutsche Telekom, Lipoxen, BNI, and T-Mobile, as well as to many smaller companies in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.





Not in Sheffield or South Yorkshire? Not a problem. We've worked with clients across the UK, as well as in Germany and the US, so we're happy to work via phone, email, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp or whatever.  


Email or call us on 07919 102699 for a no-obligation quote


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