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We    marketing

Tell us what you need

We do a proposal & quote

You say yes

We deliver

Go on! We won't bite. We might laugh. But with you, never at you.


Don't know what you need? Then let us help. We love marketing. And business plans. And customers. And we know what makes them buy stuff.

And oh, do we deliver! Read our testimonials below to see what the world has to say about our marketing and business plans. They like us. You will too.

We'll give you a proposal and a fixed price. Or an estimate based on day rate consulting. We do either. Or both.


We can do full service - design, write, and print or publish to social media. Or we can just make you look clever at meetings.


That's the easy bit. We're the fairy godmothers of marketing. And we've come to take away your marketing and business planning pain.


You'll need to tell us a bit about your business and your customers. But if you don't know, we'll work that out too.


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Marketing and Business Planning Limited was set up by me, Louise Goulding, in 2004, to provide cost-effective marketing and business plans. I've worked as an interim or contract senior product manager, senior project manager and senior delivery manager, for a host of blue chip and public sector organisations. On larger projects, I work with designers, developers and other consultants and I'm happy to work with your in-house team if you have one. But if yours is a small to medium sized project, involving a business strategic or marketing plan, copywriting or interim senior product, project or delivery management, then I'll personally handle it.


If it's not going to me, I'll tell you that at the outset. And I'll make sure that anyone I allocate to your project is suitably qualified and experienced, with the mindset to make your project a success.


We know you're spoilt for choice. There are a lot of marketing agencies out there and a lot of people writing business plans. And we don't like to blow our own trumpet too much, although we're delighted when clients blow it for us.


So all we'll say is that 95% of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. We do no advertising whatsoever, quite simply because we don't need to, and because word of mouth works. Reputation is all. And we pride ourselves on having a great one.  



About us


Why us?

Louise Goulding September 2016

I'm a CIM-qualified (Chartered Institute of Marketing) marketing consultant with a double first from Oxford University and over 20 years experience of planning and implementing strategic marketing solutions. I've worked with a wide range of companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.

I've delivered high profile projects in the business, consumer and not-for-profit sectors, including telecoms, commercial and residential property, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and luxury goods, and charities. I also have considerable experience as a freelance product manager and project manager.  


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